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We are a leading provider of engineering, project management, and field support services in a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience in utilities, oil and gas, urban and rural development, and electrical instrumentation and controls enable us to deliver the most innovative and comprehensive solutions.

From start-up to project handover, our multi-disciplinary team can provide support including project and construction management, feasibility studies, detailed engineering and design, and construction and field support.

EMB's Project Management team provide process driven, detailed management of projects from initiation to closeout. 

Our team of mechanical, electrical, and civil engineers specialize in the concept development, detailed design, construction, and commissioning of pipelines and facilities projects in the oil and gas and utilities sectors.

Our experienced Quality Assurance  Monitors provide oversight and assurance to clients during construction of oil and gas and utilities projects.

Our team of experienced technicians are trained in the metal magnetic memory (MMM) method and can provide comprehensive inspections and maintenance services.

EMB's team of Leak Survey Technicians keep communities safe by inspecting gas mains, services, meters, and fittings.

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